Sherlock Tag: A Delve in to my Fandom Side (plus a definition)

I’ve had a bad time of late. I didn’t want to make another commentary on social issues, nor did I want to be angry for another day while I talked about the things that annoy me. So instead, I wanted to do something light-hearted.

To shock no one, I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan. The novels, the movies, the TV shows (most of the TV shows)… I love them. Whilst on tumblr, I found an interesting challenge here. Rather than do the thirty days, I’m going to make a one post extravaganza. There’s a few pictures, so I’ll try to talk around them.

If you don’t know what fandom is and what it entails, skip to point six.

So, dear readers… Here’s my Thirty Days of Sherlock.

Day 01 — Your favourite episode

A Study in Pink: The first episode, based on Doyle’s first Holmes story A Study in Scarlet. Was I optimistic about it? Not at all. I grew up on some… interesting adaptations. My earliest memory is a gem of a show named Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd CenturyIt was an experience. Attempts to take Sherlock out of his Victorian home had never sat well in my experience.

So I gave it a chance. And it was phenomenal. The jokes that were woven through it, the references to canon (I mean, Rache. Come on); I adored it. I must have re-watched in thirty times before the second episode aired.

Day 02 — Your favourite main character

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Does it even need saying? You can not have Sherlock without Sherlock Holmes. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, and he’s perfectly modern, embodying the cruelty and innocence of Holmes in a thoroughly twenty-first century way.

Day 03 — Your favourite minor character

Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson

Without her, London would fall. It’s not an exaggeration. She’s kind, she’s flighty, but so ridiculously strong. In season 2 when she’s attacked, she still manages to save Sherlock’s skin. She is amazing, and real. We all need a Mrs Hudson.

Day 04 — Your favourite quote

Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain
— James Moriarty, 2X03 [The Reichenbach Fall]

Day 05 — Your favourite ship

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson

Whether you ship it romantically or not, this is the relationship that makes the Sherlock saga work. Personally, I could get behind a romantic relationship with them. Perhaps not a sexual relationship, but it could work. It depends on the actors/writers. Either way, Johnlock is at the crux of the show. They’re perfectly functioning without each other, but neither are very happy. They save each other, respect each other, and… they’re just cute, okay? Adorable.

Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Fandom means family. Family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten.

Okay, so that’s a Disney quote. But it’s a fitting quote, so I’m sure Lilo would forgive me. Fandom means Fan Domain; it is a concept which provides a space for fans to discuss and debate various aspects of their favourite shows, movies, music, literature… basically anything which has a fanbase.

The Sherlock fandom is by no means a new phenomenon. Baker Street in London has had a Sherlock Holmes museum has been open since 1990, not to mention the various references to the character in streets and The Underground. When Sherlock was killed, seemingly forever in 1893, many took to wearing black bands on their arm in mourning. It was an overwhelming public demand (and the promise of a knighthood) which prompted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to bring back the sleuth.

Fandoms have in-jokes which non-fans do not understand. In the Sherlock fandom, there are headcanons– ideas which are believed to be true, despite never been referenced in canonical material– and events hosted to celebrate our great love.

Day 07 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go 😀

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, wearing a deerstalker, 2X01 [A Scandal in Belgravia]

It’s Sherlock in a deerstalker. And he hates it. Though it is never explicitly states in the canon novels that this is the kind of hat Holmes would wear, he did wear something similar on a number of occasions. The show is aware of what it’s doing; the deerstalker hat is synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, and by making Sherlock despise it, it never fails to make me smile.

Day 08 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go 😦

Martin Freeman as John Watson, at Sherlock’s grave side, 2X03 [The Reichenbach Fall]

I knew it was coming. I did. But Martin Freeman has a maddening talent for making this scene a hundred times worse, especially with his now famous lines.

“But please, there’s just one more thing, one more miracle, Sherlock, for me, don’t be… dead. Would you do that just for me? Just stop it. Stop this…”

That’s okay. I didn’t want to be happy ever again anyway…

Day 09 — A Sherlock photo that makes you LOL

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Homes, in the unaired pilot

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Homes, in the unaired pilot

Look at the excitable man-child. Benedict Cumberbatch proves that Sherlock is modernised through how freely he expresses himself. He’s rude, he’s gleeful, and excitable at the promise of a crime scene. What’s not to love?

Day 10 — A photo of your favourite character

I’ve included a few of my favourite, so allow me to provide one of someone who comes a close second in my affections, on days surpassing even Sherlock Holmes. After all, what is Sherlock without his Watson?

Martin Freeman as John Watson

Edit done by TheVentVentura on deviantArt. [Source]

Day 11 — A photo of your least favourite character

I should preface this grand unveiling. I have absolutely no problem with the character in the canon. Irene Adler is always an interesting character, and I bemoan the fact that she was only in one of the stories. But, as is often the case with Moffat writing women, she was butchered. She was made in to a sex symbol, a lesbian magically turned straight by Sherlock Holmes. Irene Adler is more than sex. In fact, she was never sex. Sherlock Holmes detested her because she bested him. She was witty, good with disguises, and swift. She was The Woman. Not The Woman Sherlock Holmes Wants To Sex Up. It’s an over-played idea.

Lara Pulver was amazing though. I’d love her in another adaptation. Maybe one which respects the character more.

Lara Pulver as Irene Adler

Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Allow me for a second to talk about a staple artist for the Sherlock fandom. Her tumblr name is reapersun, and she is to many the Sherlock goddess. She draws Johnlock predominantly, but all the characters have their cameos. She single-handedly began a movement in the fandom called Red Pants Monday, in which artists take to drawing John Watson in red underpants.

I’m not claiming we’re a stable fandom, I’m just saying we exist.

As a word of warning, some of her art is NSFW, but it is according marked as so, with the pornographic images hidden under markers. Check her out. I am a fan of her art stlye.

Day 13 — Something you’d like to see in the next series

I’d love to see more Mycroft. Mycroft Holmes has a history of being badass and overlooked. And that’s the beauty of the character; he can do and arrange amazing things, and never be seen to do them. He is the Shadow Overlord, and a force to be reckoned with, made domestically softened by his love of his brother. It’s the tender moments between the pair, like sharing a cigarette, that makes their relationship something I crave.

Day 14 — Favourite Sherlock Livejournal

… I have to pass. Unfortunately, I never got the hang of Livejournal. I’m sure there’s some amazing ones out there, though.

Day 15 — Favourite Sherlock fic

I’m a tad more interested in the fanart if I’m honest. There is one fanfiction I remember vividly, and I think it needs to be discussed more within the fandom. It’s by author verityburns, and it’s called The Heart in the Whole. It’s sweet, it’s sad, and has such a tantalising slow build-up to the realisation of their relationship that I was hooked. Honestly, I was shocked when season 2 aired that this didn’t happen. I have a problem.

Day 16 — A moment that made you squeal

I would like to take a moment to tell you that I am a perfectly normal adult, who doesn’t indulge in such childish behaviour as squealing.

I would like to, but that would make me a liar.

The moment that made me squeal comes after a big fight between Sherlock and John. Sherlock, who has been shaken up, snaps that he doesn’t have friends. And John is understandably hurt by this.

And the next day they make up in the greatest way.

“I don’t have friends. I just have one.”

–Sherlock Holmes, 2X02 [The Hound of the Baskervilles]

Day 17 — A moment that made you cry

… Again… Sherlock committed suicide. I mean… why would this not make me cry? He faked it, of course, but that doesn’t mean that their entire exchange doesn’t break my heart. I cry easily as it is.

Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy

The show should be lauded for its flawless use of cinematography. It’s sleek, modern and seemless, just as the show’s premise would dictate. The text on-screen, the “Mind Palace” scenes, and especially the transitioning scenes in A Scandal in Belgravia. Amazing.

Day 19 — Character that is most like you

Gee, if only there was a quiet and sensitive nerd in the cast who likes to keep a blog and admire pretty people.

Oh wait.

Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper

Ladies and gentleman, Molly Hooper. She’s the sweet Morgue worker, who is in love with Sherlock and dated Jim Moriarty. There’s some fan speculation that she is meant to be Mary Morstan, and I can believe that. Molly and Mary are derivative names, and she does have a cat named Toby. Toby was a dog in The Sign of Four, the same Holmes story which introduced Watson’s future wife.

Day 20 — Favourite canon reference/in joke

“But it’s the solar system!”

– John Watson, 1X03, The Great Game

A reference to A Study in Scarlet, in which Watson recounts in disbelief that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t know the simple things, like philosophy, literature or the solar system.

Day 21 — Favourite gif


Andrew Scott as James Moriarty, 1X03 [The Great Game]

How can you not love this face? Andrew Scott, you gorgeous man. He embodies the melodrama of Victorian works, the manic joy of The Joker, and the chilling disinterest in humanity in his every expression and movement.

This gif is just funny to me.

Day 22 — A website that’s Sherlock related

Sherlockology. It’s not a competition. It’s ran by people who understand how ordered fanatics can be. From places to buy the clothes the characters wear to interviews with the writers, it’s a brilliant place to visit. I like their games, too.

Obviously, Sherlock has its own in-universe websites which tie-in to real-time events with the show. John Watson’s blog is a real thing, as is Sherlock’s website. There’s also the blog of Molly Hopper, which provides information to how Jimmy met Molly.

Day 23 — Your favourite Sherlock YouTube video

This video. The Sherlock musical is something of a synopsis of the first season, told in the style of a jukebox musical. It’s funny. I can’t justify it, I just like it.

Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy

I’m a fan of the updated titles. I think I’m in a minority in this regard. Changing Bohemia to Belgravia is a stroke of genius! Belgravia is a district within London. The Reichenbach Fall is, again, wonderful. Waterfalls aren’t very modern now, are they?

Day 25 — Favourite Sherlock actor

I refuse to choose. They’re all amazing. From the melodrama to the tiniest quirks, the actors in this show embody their characters perfectly. Long-suffering DIs, disinterested sociopaths, bleeding-heart soldiers; the cast has it all. Choosing one just isn’t fair.

Day 26 — Favourite Sherlock actress

See above.

Day 27 — Character you’d most like to be

… Well… none of them, actually. Even the most normal of characters have had to deal with an awful lot of drama in their lives. I think I’d be more content as the spectator. Maybe I’d like to be Mycroft, but having Sherlock Holmes as a baby brother?

… Mycroft, you are an unsung hero.

Day 28 — Character you’d least like to be

I suppose… Anderson. He’s the butt of everyone’s jokes, and seemingly hated by all. I think I’d be annoyed if at the end of all my years of training, I was constantly usurped by an amateur with a made-up title.

Day 29 — Your favourite thing about Sherlock

It introduced a whole generation to stories I’ve loved since I was a child. Modernising Sherlock Holmes didn’t devalue or date it; it made it accessible. I know plenty of people who have finally decided to give the old classics a chance now, and they loved it. It doesn’t matter how people fall in love with things you love, as long as they love them with you.

Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

DI Lestrade, I salute you. Really. You put up with so much, and trust the man so fully. In the end, I hope you know that Sherlock appreciated you. He did.

And so, dear readers, we’ve reached the end of this post. It was cathartic for me.

Allow me to ask you the mandatory questions.

Are you a fan of the series? The books? Which adaptation has been your favourite?

Let me know your thoughts!


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One Response to Sherlock Tag: A Delve in to my Fandom Side (plus a definition)

  1. Myc says:

    As a long time fan of the books before Sherlock was made I have to agree that one of the greatest delights for me was the subtle weaving through of references to the originals in the first episode and the series as a whole. I constantly drive those around me up the wall trying to explain in jokes – “rache!” “5 pips!”. Although I do hold a soft spot for waterfalls and kind of wish they’d left that in.

    One of the things that struck me reading the first ‘days’ of the post is that with Sherlock, the simplest is often best. Sherlock and John are the best pairing, it’s their relationship that gives the show it’s heart. Sherlock and John are the best characters (imho). Where a lot of shows have me pining for more depth in the main cast, Sherlock understands that is these two characters that drive the show. It then is allowed to bring in a wonderful secondary cast around the main – including the amazing Mrs Hudson.

    I have nothing to adds about Irene Adler except I agree – she is in one story, and was never about sex. She beats Holmes, and only through her decisions is he allowed to save face. I think Moffat kind of forgot those details.

    Liked by 1 person

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