Ten Amazing Women in Harry Potter

Well, another list of ten. I’m sorry about that. I’m back to uni tomorrow, so I’ve had a lot of preparation to do. So a list. Oops.

Harry Potter as a character is wonderful. He’s went through so much for such a young character, and he has a personality we all secretly like; kind, impulsive with just a dash of sarcasm. He’s rightfully the protagonist of his own story.

But he’s not the only character who deserves a round of applause. And in a world where we congratulate Ron, despise Draco and long for a mentor like Dumbledore, I think we need to take a moment to remember the women of Harry Potter who made his journey possible.

  1.  Hermione Granger – If Weasley is our King, Granger is the Empress of all. This is why she is top of my list. She’s the brightest witch of her age, or of any age really. She’s hard-working, earnest, and so ambitious. She wants to succeed, and that is a good role model to have. She has her little vanities, but she doesn’t buy in to the dichotomy that brains and beauty are separate ideals. She is beautiful for her ugly duckling start. She is the one with enough common sense to best the trials of the Philosopher’s Stone and Triwizard Tournament; she is the one who works out Lupin’s secret; she is the one who fears failures most of all. She is a kind and compassionate woman (S.P.E.W, anyone?), and that is made even more amazing when you realise what she endures at Hogwarts. She puts up with a prejudice that neither Harry nor Ron have to put up with, simply through the virtue of her birth. She is muggle-born, and to many that makes her inferior. Hermione is regal in the way she never lets anyone belittle her because of her blood-status. Reign on, Granger. You’re always a hero to me
  2. Lily Evans – A mother’s love is a strong thing, something we will see two more times on this list. But Lily’s love is proven pure the moment her sacrifice saves her son. Though little is known about her outside glimpses in to the past, we know she was respected enough to be Head Girl. She respected the rules, and was not an advocate of violence or bullying. She saw kindness in Snape where no one else did, and when she severs her ties with him, it is after years of being pushed away by his need for acceptance from the pure-bloods. She is intelligent, fiery, and a damn fine potions maker. And best of all, she tamed James Potter. She saw the good in him too, passed the pompousness and boyish games. She gave him hell, and without her the series wouldn’t have happened. Lily Evans, I salute you.
  3. Ginny Weasley – First of all, she met her idol and ran away without saying a word. I think it’s safe to say there is a piece of Ginny in all of us (and a piece of Voldemort with her, but that’s beside the point). Too often Ginny is pushed to the side as Ron’s little sister, or Harry’s love interest. She is so much more interesting than that. Ginny moves on from Harry when he is too dense to see how wonderful she is. She is strong enough to deal with her first heartache with grace. It moulds her in to a dazzling woman. She’s a quidditch star, who doesn’t care if four of her older brothers have already beaten her to the mantle. She doesn’t allow her brothers successes to lessen her own. She may not be a Forge or Gred, but she knows how to be mischievous. She knows how to cast a spell, enough to be welcomed to the ranks of the Slug Club, despite lacking the familial bearings that the others all hold. And best of all, she knows when Harry is being stupid and noble, and how to call him up on that. We all want a little sister like Ginny. I think some of even want to be more like her.
  4. Molly Weasley – You do not raise seven children on a non-existent budget and not get praise for it. Not on my watch. Molly Weasley is the quintessential mother figure in the Harry Potter universe. She’s sweet, she’s doting, and she knows what she’s doing. She raised seven children, each with distinct interests and personalities, and she doesn’t try to change them once. Maybe a haircut here or there, but she doesn’t stop them living their dreams. She is proud of all her babies, even the skinny one with messy hair that she adopted in to their lives. Molly is a mother to Harry, and she does an amazing job of it. As a young witch, she eloped with Arthur, and that is something spectacular to behold. Mollywobbles, mischievous. She has a great relationship with her husband, and like a real momma bear, she goes from cuddly to ruthless when her family is attacked. I don’t need to close this paragraph. I just need a quotation. “Not my daughter, you bitch!”
  5. Minerva McGonagall – Head of Gryffindor House, and eventual Headmistress of Hogwarts. She dealt with all the Weasley children, the Marauders, and Peeves, and she is still as sane as you can be. She’s tough, but fair, leading her house with just rulings, even when it’s not in her house’s favour. She’s a woman who is easy to respect. She is an ally that Harry is lucky to have, from the final battle at Hogwarts to dealing with the cruelty of Umbridge. McGonagall is sassy, strong, and everything you need to be to survive at Hogwarts. The fact that she is one of the few registered animagi in the world proves how powerful she is, were her teaching position not proof enough. She, too, nearly eloped. With a muggle nonetheless. How scandalous! Minerva. The Minx.
  6. Luna Lovegood – How weird and wonderful Luna is. She is truly a testament to how being yourself is the best that you can be. She is teased ruthlessly, but she doesn’t pay it any mind. She is captured, and tortured, and she still keeps her airy innocence in a time where purity is a luxury. She is one of the few who responds to Harry’s call to Dumbledore’s Army, and she always supports him, whether it is through her father’s paper or her own Luna wisdom. She’s not insane, she’s perfect. Harry thinks she’s the coolest person he knows, and he’s right.
  7. Fleur Delacour – A true French fancy, often overlooked because of her beauty. She is part Veela, which already makes her fascinating. But more than that, Beauxbatons only brought a select few to Hogwarts for the Triwizard tournament. She is one of the best that they can offer, and she holds her own in the fights. She is portrayed in The Goblet of Fire as the impossible love interest, but in the end, the person she cares most about is her little sister. She is a compassionate person, and for her pride in her appearance, she is not vain. She loves Bill with all her heart. She is by his bedside when he is attacked, and she puts up with the catty comments from the Weasleys because they are Bill’s family. She is loyal, and when decoys are needed for Harry’s safety, she volunteers. It’s a pity that people forget that beauty is skin deep, and even beautiful people have something to offer beneath it all. Fleur. Truly a flower amongst the thorns.
  8. Madame Pomfrey – Quidditch accidents, Basilisks, Hippogriffs, Dementors, Dragons, dark wizards, curses, hexes, a war; is there nothing Madame Pomfrey has not had to deal with over the years? She is more than just a nurse; she is the pillar that holds Hogwarts high. She heals with kindness and a strong hand, and never lets a child feel uncomfortable. Even when faced with death, she carries on. She is an unspoken hero.
  9. Nymphadora Tonks – Tonks. What can I say about Tonks? She’s a Hufflepuff with attitude. An Auror, a Metamorphangi, eloped with a werewolf and a mother. I think she’d have went on to be a great mother. She died so young, but she was a good ally to Harry. She gets so many extra points for being a member of the Order of Phoenix. She was comical, she was wonderful, and I will never get over the fact that Teddy lost his parents that night.
  10.  Narcissa Malfoy – She commits an act of bravery that saved Harry’s life, all for the sake of her son. The love of a mother has always been Voldemort’s weakness. Narcissa made many mistakes, but she loves her husband and son. She was willing to defy Lord Voldemort to keep them safe. Twice. She has a sister like Bellatrix, and she never once passes judgement on her, or let’s herself be bullied by her. Everything she does is to preserve the family she loves. She’s strong, and again, so often overlooked because she is a Malfoy. Again, I could end with quotation that proves just how vital she is to the series. “Dead.”

That’s my list. There are definitely honourable mentions to be had, but these are my top ten.

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of a post, and the beginning of my questions.

Do you agree with my list? Who would you substitute? Is there anyone you think I’ve drastically overlooked or undervalued? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. kateorgera says:

    A friend of my brother’s once called my mom “Mrs. Weasley.” We all agreed that’s one of the nicest compliments to receive 🙂


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