An Update from Wonderland: June Edition

Hello, dear readers! It’s June! And as is traditional here at Aspiration and Might, it’s time for a monthly update on my life. I worry that after I finish all of the degrees I have to do that I will no longer do enough to even give you a monthly update. I am a lazy person, dear readers. I don’t do much with my life.

Well, this month I find out what I’m graduating university with, or if I even will. It’s terrifying stuff if I’m being honest. It’s been three years of hard work, trying to balance social commitments with studying. I hope I’ve done well. I know where I could have done better, where I’ve messed up… on the other hand, I recognise my strengths. I have to know them if I want to succeed next year. What I’m saying here is that if you’re not following me on Twitter, you’re going to miss some fun tweets as I try to remain calm.

Speaking of social commitments, at the end of the month is Spectral Visions! Six months of meetings, rehearsals and marketing, and Spectral Visions III is finally here. I’m so excited. Not so excited for the 5am start, but if something is worth doing it’s worth doing right. I’ll be doing my write-up for the Spectral Visions blog and reblogging it here, so hopefully you’ll enjoy what we did on the day. I’m really excited for it. I was a lot more active in planning this year than I was last, and hopefully I’ll continue to be as involved next year. I should be interviewing Professor John Strachan too, so that will be fun. It’s such an honour getting to pick the brains of academics. It’s something I take for granted with the lecturers who teach me.

Also this month is my birthday. I’ll be turning 21. I could be reflective here and tell you about what 21 years has done for me, but I think I’ll save that for a cloying birthday post. 21 is a big deal. I won’t be having a party. I’m not big on the party front. But I will be celebrating with my family. And with graduation less than two weeks after in July, it’s going to be a busy few weeks.

My job hunt is still unsuccessful. It doesn’t matter where I apply or how many CVs I send off, nobody seems to want me to man their tills. Is it me? Am I such a bad person to have as an employee? I think I’m alright. I suppose I’m only qualified to do this sort of thing. So if anyone wants to pay me to run some blogs and twitters, let me know. I’d appreciate the money. MA degrees are not cheap, and I am not from a family that can front me the money.

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of another post.

Let me ask you: how are your Junes looking? Is anyone else on a job hunt? And are there any birthday shout-outs you want me to do while I’m in a birthday mood?

Let me know your thoughts!


About Stephanie Gallon

I'm an author, a blogger, and a zealot of all things written. I work as an English teacher in England, and have a PGCE PCET, a distinction in MA English studies and first class honours in BA English and Creative Writing. I have more degrees than friends
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