Update from Wonderland: October Edition

It’s only just barely that I give you an update on the first of the month. And trust me, this is a quick one. Still. Happy October everybody!

I love October. To me October embodies the best of Autumn. The trees are ruddier, the weather is wet and the September blues are behind us. More importantly though, it’s Halloween. I adore Halloween. It’s a legitimate reason to get dressed up. Since joining Spectral Visions, I’ve had plenty of reason to dress up, but Halloween is different. I don’t have to please anyone or meet any restrictions. If I want to answer my door as a decaying zombie, then I can.

Of course, that does mean we’re less likely to have trick or treaters come to the door…

So, my October plans.

Well, my main exciting event is I’m back at university officially to begin my Master’s degree. I’ve missed Sunderland so much, and it’s great to be going back. The first semester is welcoming me back with a brand new Gothic module and I can’t wait to get started. This Saturday is induction, and I’m hoping to make some new friends and catch up with the old ones. It’s going to be great!

Also exciting is our first Feminist Society meet-ups. We’re going to the Winter Gardens museum and later in the week we have a lunch. Again, it’s all about seeing old friends and making new ones.

Fem Soc is actually doing a post-a-day on our Facebook group. Every day, we post a sexist/problematic Halloween costume. I may end up making a post from it, depending on how much discussion I can get out of the society!

Halloween will be fun. I haven’t decided on plans or a costume yet, but it’s going to be great. Maybe I’ll take my younger cousins out, or maybe I’ll be at home watching Hocus Pocus again. I love that movie, enough to name my cat Binx. That’ll be fun.

And maybe we have something planned for Spectral Visions. But spoilers…

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of another post.

Let me ask you this: how are your Octobers shaping up? Is anyone else going back to postgraduate study? What are your Halloween plans/costumes?

Let me know your thoughts!


About Stephanie Gallon

I'm an author, a blogger, and a zealot of all things written. I work as an English teacher in England, and have a PGCE PCET, a distinction in MA English studies and first class honours in BA English and Creative Writing. I have more degrees than friends
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