An Interview with Dr Dale Townshend

I interviewed the hottest commodity in Gothic recently. Dr Dale Townshend of the University of Stirling answered questions of his British Library exhibit, Ann Radcliffe and Gothic Shakespeare.

Spectral Visions

The blog admin interviewed Dr Dale Townshend. Dr Townshend is a Senior Lecturer of English at the University of Stirling and the director of the renowned MLitt The Gothic Imagination. He also worked in collaboration with the British Library for an exhibit on the Gothic. His published works include: Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination and Ann Radcliffe, Romanticism and the Gothic.

Q: You recently teamed up with the British Library to celebrate 250 years of the Gothic with an exhibit. What was the aim of the exhibit?
Yes, indeed. Over the past 2 years or more, I have been working with Tim Pye, Tanya Kirk and Greg Buzwell, all of the British Library, on a major exhibition entitled Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination. The aims of the exhibition are numerous. First, we wished to tell the ‘story’ of the Gothic aesthetic, its developments and its changes across…

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