Update from Wonderland: February Edition

This is a tale of love and loss; or the nearest of victories and the harshest of failure. Dear readers, I lost my USB bracelet the other week.

It’s not the bracelet itself that I miss. It’s everything that was on it: my four assignments due in next week, the sources I had used for it, the submission I had for an anthology… All gone. So this is why I’ve been radio-silent. I’ve been working. I’ll likely not update again until 17th because these essays need to be done.

So, what does this month bring?

Well, I’ll be doing a series of posts over at Verbal Remedy on sexual violence in comics. I’m excited to get started, and I already have the skeleton ready.

In other feminist news, I’m helping with the Women in Leadership conference, hosted by the University of Sunderland Student’s Union. The first ever conference was last year, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. I’m really excited to be involved in planning.

And hopefully this month, we’ll have our first issue of Wearside Craic out! Exciting times all around.

This update is small, but I doubt you care about my Byron research. I don’t care about it. I despise the man.

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of another post.

Let me ask you this: what are your February plans? Is there something you’re doing this Valentine’s Day? And have you ever lost something as valuable to you as that USB bracelet?

Let me know your thoughts.

About Stephanie Gallon

I'm 22 years old with first class honours in BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing. I'm currently studying MA English Studies. I'm an author, a blogger, and a zealot of all things written. I write on everything from comics, to feminism, to advice on university life.
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