My Month at the International Gothic Association

Starting next week, I am free to blog again! It’s been a horrible month for commitments, with so much to do and so little time. This is the final stretch though, and I couldn’t be more happy. The ordeal with the USB has taught me something valuable: everything should be Dropbox-ed.

Anyway, with today being Friday 13th, I thought this was the perfect time to plug what I did at the International Gothic Association from December-January.

My first post was an introduction to me and my Gothic influences. I hope my readers at this point know me well, but if this is your first time reading my blog (hello!), then you can read A Brief Introduction.

My second and third posts were interlinked. With it being so close to Christmas at the time, I explored some Christmas-themed creatures from across Europe, looking at why they became popular and why they faded from publicity.

The second post was called Christmas Demons I: Icelandic Folklore. This post looks at Gryla, the Yule Lads and the Yule Cat in relation to their Gothic roles in Icelandic Christmas traditions. I looked at Icelandic legends and poetry to see where they came from and why the myths changed.

The third post was similar. It was called Christmas Demons II: Krampus and Perchta. They are Bavarian creatures, though their reach in the cultures of other countries are further. Both posts were a lot of fun to research, and something I’m really glad I did for Christmas.

My fourth post was something I’m a lot more researched in. I called it Fairy Tale Fashions. I know it sounds like a Barbie line, but hear me out. It was a post looking at the role that clothes play in fairy tales, both as a dramatic and plot devices. It looked in particular at Cinderella, Snow White, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Red Shoes and Little Riding Hood. This is definitely a post I want to elaborate on in the future.

My final post is one that I hold dear to my heart. It’s the topic I’ll be doing my dissertation on, and a lot of this is just leftovers of my research. A Brief Look at Werewolf Literature is a chronological look at some seminal pieces of Werewolf literature. A lot of my favourite texts made it on the list.

So that’s what I did over at the International Gothic Association. If you’re a fan of seeing me at other sites, you’ll be happy to know that this month, I’m at Writing North East, sharing my writing tips and tricks!

And if you want to see my other guest blogging posts, you can find a list here on my site.

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of another post.

Let me ask you this: what’s your favourite fairytale? Do you have a favourite werewolf? And what is it you like or dislike about the Gothic?

Let me know your thoughts.

About Stephanie Gallon

I'm 22 years old with first class honours in BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing. I'm currently studying MA English Studies. I'm an author, a blogger, and a zealot of all things written. I write on everything from comics, to feminism, to advice on university life.
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