A Day at Intu Metrocentre | NE Blogger Awards Entry

NominateMeOne of my followers alerted me to The North East Blogging Awards recently. It’s a way to promote and connect north-east bloggers. There’s an award show… it looks incredible. It’s a pity I’ve learned about it so late.

They wanted to nominate me for North East Blogger of the Year. It means a lot to me that they wanted to nominate me, but one of the conditions was that I do a post about the Metrocentre.

Honestly, this was an excuse to go shopping. I’ll take it.

The mission was a simple one: my sister needed a dress for a wedding and I needed stationary. Armed with a map and assisted by my cousins and aunt, we ventured to the Metrocentre.

The art of the selfie. I'm not good at it.

The art of the selfie. I’m not good at it.

For my followers who don’t live locally, the Metrocentre is a huge shopping centre in Gateshead. It has over 340 stores and is the biggest shopping and leisure centre in the UK. It’s also where my collection of Disney Traditions ornaments started.

So me, Natalie, our auntie Jeanette and our cousins Joshua and Harry went shopping.

There are a few stores which are essentials for me: The Disney store–I defy you to find anyone who doesn’t love the concentrated dose of the magical kingdom; The Works–I’m a fan of cheap books and pretty paper; Collectables–I like the ornaments and for some reason it gets me excited for Christmas; Waterstones–See The Works. I’m weak; The Entertainer– obviously for the boys and not because I want to see the TMNT action figures or anything; Doc Black–for the accessories. I no longer wear white face powder. But once upon a time…

Pictured: resignation

Pictured: resignation

Natalie is more feminine than me. Her choices are usually clothes-related, but this time we had a mission objective. We went to New Look, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Primark, Next, River Island…

There were more, but we had two little boys with us. They don’t like shopping at the best of times, so I took them with me to The Village.

The Village has always been my favourite part of the Metro Centre. When I was younger and heavily in to my Goth phase–all my friends were emo, I somehow overshot my dark phase–The Village was like the promised land. It was where all the alternative stores were. The Goth shops and the punk stores. Skaters would mingle with the emos and it was a golden time.

Surprisingly, the boys liked it. They perked up and I got some adorable pictures of them:

Harry and Josh

Harry and Josh

Natalie did come away with a dress. I got my notebooks and some cute pictures. It was a good day.

It reminded me of when I was younger. There was once a place called Metroland. It was an in-door amusement park, and back when my dad would see us for the odd weekend he would take us there. I loved it. The hot air balloon ferris wheel, the pirate ship, the rollercoaster… It is surprisingly easy to lose an adult and have a few rides on a rollercoaster before they find you.

I have a lot of great childhood memories of the Metrocentre. It was there I started my first manga collection, much to the chagrin of everyone who knew me (I have to apologise for that. I know I’m not Japanese. I am sorry for all the kawaii and -sans. I know better now). Christmas shopping with the high school in my purple lipstick and cat ear hat. Going with my college friends and discussing Harry Potter headcanons over American-style buffets.

I should go out more.

20150729_151646I’m honoured that someone likes this blog enough to think it deserves an award. Fingers crossed.

So if you want to nominate me in this or any other category, I would be honoured. Email me and let me know if you do! My Twitter handle is AspirationMight, and I would love to know which post you nominated so I can use that to know kind of content my readers like.

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of another post.

Let me ask you this: who are your favourite bloggers? Have you ever been to the Metrocentre? And where is your favourite place to shop?

Let me know your thoughts.


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