The 52 Book Challenge: Introduction

Happy 2016 to all of my loyal followers. Instead of posting about how I’ve been here, I’ve instead donated that post to Verbal Remedy in response to their Mental Health Month. So if you’ve been wondering how I am, you can look here.

So to encourage me to blog again, I will be participating in the 52 Book Challenge. We have a fancy new page on our top menu, so I’ll be posting links to reviews and sorting the books by genres. I’m nothing if not organised.

The premise of the challenge is that you read one book a week for the whole year. That’s it. It also makes for a boring post, so I’ve inflicted my own personal rules.

  1. I will post a review of every book I read for the challenge
  2. I will only review one book from a series
  3. I won’t review strings of genres (i.e two crime novels in a row)

Visual books are also fair game to me. I’m going to try to read as many different kinds of genres and authors as I can.

The first book I’ll be reviewing is Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun by Izumi Tsubaki. I hope you all look forward to it.

If you have any requests or recommendations, do let me know in the comments or get in touch with me via the Contact Me tab.

And so, dear readers, we reach the end of another post.

Let me ask you this: are there any books you drift back to to reread? Is there a genre you favour? And will you be joining the challenge?

Let me know your thoughts.


About Stephanie Gallon

I'm an author, a blogger, and a zealot of all things written. I work as an English teacher in England, and have a PGCE PCET, a distinction in MA English studies and first class honours in BA English and Creative Writing. I have more degrees than friends
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