Guest Blogging Appearances

Sometimes I am asked to guest blog for companies or other blogs. This is a directory of these posts. If you would like to ask me to guest blog for you, please see the Contact Me tab.

Feminist Culture
Feminist Culture is a site dedicated to endorsing intersectional feminism and gender equality.


International Gothic Association
IGA is an academic association for Gothic studies. The most well-respected academics in the field are members. These are the posts I write for them during my month as guest editor.


The Gothic Imagination
The Gothic Imagination is a blog ran by Stirling University. It is a blog for academics and postgraduate students who research the Gothic.


The Guardian
The Guardian is a British newspaper with a student blog. These are the posts I was asked to write for them.


Verbal Remedy
Verbal Remedy is a Newcastle-based project which aims to teach consent in schools. Its blog concerns itself with feminism, activism and media representation.


Writing North East
Writing North East is a site for writers in the North East of England. It has writing tips, stories and various other resources for writers.


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